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Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure Review


Julie Ellis / 20 Mar 2020

Best Fiends is a puzzle game for mobile platforms. It unfolds a story of a tiny community of bugs, worms, butterflies, caterpillars, moths, etc. One day their idyllic lifestyle is threatened by mysterious invaders. And it’s up to you to help a band of heroic insectoids to fight back. Download Best Fiends and help them reconquer Minutia!

Gameplay 4/5

Minutia was a peaceful grassy kingdom, in which every ladybug and stag beetle had their own comfy apartment and postal address. Until a flaming meteor cam down from the skies. As it turned out, it brought ominous invaders — the cosmic slugs!

Now, a band of gutsy locals challenges the aliens. You can assemble your own squad, taking into consideration special abilities the tiny warriors have. They can be recharged through completing stages.

Beating a level requires you to crack Match-3 puzzles. On the board, you will sometimes find a power-up that will help you defeat slugs quicker. For example, a Converter gives the tiles the color of your Fiend —green or crimson — which allows you to eliminate a longer chain of them.
So, to battle slugs you need to match tiles. But in between the clashes you can also level up a Fiend. This requires collecting Meteor Mites or awfully rare Diamonds. They can be earned through:

  • Completing a level.
  • Simply crushing tiles.
  • Crushing slugs in a battle.
  • Collecting keys to treasure boxes.

Additionally, boxes will let you unlock more fiends. Your party can have up to 15 winy warriors, 3 for each color. The game also has an energy meter. So, if you lack Energy Jolts or don’t want to pay $0.99 for a quick refill — learn to be a patient insect leader.

Graphics 5/5

The game truly shines when it comes to its juicy visuals. As well as the goofy characters. Every one of them has a catchy personality, short bio, and priceless facial expressions. 

Like Tarsier Wu, though not an insect, is a paranoid kung-fu master. Cockroach Lapoleon clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur. Beebert is a geeky bumblebee with huge glasses. And Terry is a cranky and snobbish tarantula who’s also a food critic.

They travel through a beautifully designed world of leaves, stumps, and berries. Its serene atmosphere along with smooth animations create a relaxing vibe. Even though you know you’re in the middle of a fight.   

Replay Value 4/5

After level 31 it’ll be harder to progress — energy restoring may take hours and even a whole day. So, if you decide to stick to Best Fiends, you might want to replay the earlier levels and perfect your tactics.

Controls 5/5

Best Fiends is easy to control since it’s just a Match-3 game. But sometimes you will need to make quick decisions and hasty moves. Otherwise, you’ll fail to set a bomb off, collect a Diamond or slay a slug.


Best Fiends is one of the catchiest mobile games on the market. It has an adorable cast of heroes and heroines, goofy writing, splendid animations, and addictive gameplay. But the stamina meter seems to ruin things a bit. Thanks for reading this Best Fiends review, we hope it was helpful for you!


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