Get Your Life in Order with These 5 Apps

Have you gone digital completely? Not sure whether it’s good news or not, but we’re not living inside the Matrix. Everyday offline life requires your intrusion as well and requires more of it than you might think. Your fridge is almost empty, your bath leaks, and your body feels so tired… Well, let’s stay close to your apps and still fix it all.

Maybe your case is not that extreme. Still these apps might help you to get your surroundings better. Just don’t forget that a smartphone is just a device-in-the-middle: it’s you who makes the decision and fulfills it, and it’s the outer world you interact with. Still, everyone needs to start somewhere; why not from your phone?

These apps may get you some cash, from selling your old stuff as well as from keeping you in better shape. They can make you healthier and drag your family into supporting you, no matter if you decided to give up smoking, to lose weight, or to find another job. Your house will be in order, and if there is a job you can’t do yourself, there are hands for it. But let’s return to the apps. So far it looks like your favorite part of the process… until you taste the results.

Mercari: Keep What You Need, Sell What You Don’t

Mercari app screenshots

Let’s review your wardrobes and attics, your room and your yard, and maybe the very box with obsolete hardware and tools that you thought you’d never throw away. Have you found what you’ll never need again for sure? Let’s sell.

The name of the Mercari app is just one character away from Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and luck. With it you can sell items online as easily as never before. The service generates shipping labels for you, according to seller’s and buyer’s personal data – street address, ZIP codes, contents of the package, and so on. With this label all you have to do is go to the nearest UPS store with it and your item.

While the app comes for free, the fee you pay after each sell is 10%. Well, you just include it into the final price, as sellers do. Mercury bless you!

Smarter Time: Organize the Most Precious Resource

Smarter Time app screenshots

The bigger our world becomes, the less time the day seems to have. It’s especially hard to meet when we are digitally obsessed: we do our job, then our social duties online, and it’s rarely an hour to take your friends out for some beer or coffee. Smarter Time is here to fix it.

With Smarter Time, you don’t have to manually enter when you start working, when you go out for a coffee, when you’re slowly walking back home, and when you’re killing it on the dancefloor. It’s a cloud-based service that tracks your behavior… and yes, it needs to access your phone to know what you’re doing when running apps. Get with it.

Knowing is the key. When you see yourself in the mirror, you see what’s wrong with your body and what you should pay primary attention to. When you see where your money goes, you decide what expenses to cut. Smarter Time exposes your routine the same way, so you detect where and when your minutes leak. It displays your activity timeline, and you can analyze and make conclusions for yourself.

Cozi Family Organizer: Get Your Closest People Involved

Cozi Family Organizer app screenshots

You may be the only one conscious enough in your family to start controlling your life. But while those people you hoped would back you are not joining in, you can get them involved. Just talk them into installing Cozi Family Organizer: it’s a great app for family coordination when you spend part of your day apart. It takes just one account to connect an entire family, though each member should authorize with their own email.

With Cozi, you can sync your calendars, share events you create, add items to shared grocery lists while one member is at home and another gone shopping, form shared to-do lists, and so on. It supports family agendas to plan the future, as well as journal elements to store the best from the past. The basic version with this all is free; if you’re ready to pay $30/year for more, the app becomes a birthday tracker, an advanced reminder, and much more, and also gets rid of ads.

Tody: Cleanliness Is Godliness, So Keep It Clean Regardless

Tody app screenshots

How many cleaning-haters do you know? Are you one? That’s okay: most of us like it clean, but the process is far from exciting. Unless you gamify it with Tody. This app lets you split the overall cleaning process into minor subtasks and visualizes your progress. It also tracks separate items getting dirtier as they remain uncleaned.

It’s social as well. One instance of Tody is enough to connect the entire family under a separate account. Any connected member can claim some task and get rewarded for that (by seniors, of course). The starter can assign certain rooms and items to family members. With it, cleaning is the opposite of dull, lonely work: it’s a family sort of entertainment. Syncing across devices is possible in paid version only that is $7/year; decide whether your cleanliness is worth this, but I noticed that in a well cleaned room my productivity grows, and I earn significantly more than would have spent on this app. Cleanness pays!

Thumbtack: There’s a Pro for That

Thumbtack app screenshots

It’s inspiring to get the job done by your own hands, but what if the job necessary just isn’t your job? Well, there’s always someone for that, closer than you might think. There are many things in every home that you may just be underqualified to perform yourself. That’s okay: where’s a division of labor, there’s a dollar for your neighbor.

Of course, Thumbtack won’t recommend you a random neighbor, but a pro who has already done this job and has some reviews from others. The method is simple: run the app, enter your location, select the category for your job to do (or the project) and look who provides the necessary service nearby. The app also shows their average rates, but you need to make it clear in personal communication. There you can also select the most suitable day and time, and other details you need. You may just put your project up for auction and see providers offering their bids, and then select the best offer. Thumbtack has its own reputation system, so you won’t select blindly.

Time for Fun, the Job is Done!

Glad you’ve read this. Sorry, my Smarter Time tells me to go out and meet Jim; while he is repairing my old fridge, I’ll select something to sell on Mercari. And then write a review of Jim’s work on Thumbtack. That’s where the writer’s way goes!

And seriously: which of these apps would you call the best? And do you think reorganizing your life with apps is possible at all? Write a comment to share your thoughts, and we’ll appreciate that.

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