Stop procrastinating: handy mobile apps that can improve your productivity

Procrastination is one of the favorite occupations for many people. Instead of completing a particular duty they do dozens of extrinsic activities. Surely you remember being a child and avoiding doing homework for holidays until the very last day of vacation. Or recall yourself as a teenager postponing mom’s plea to clean the room. And now you are a conscious adult person. Why don’t you execute your duties on time and make progress in your work? We understand, there is always so many stuff to look aside like your favorite series or unstoppable chatting on a social network. Unfortunately, time does not wait. But there is a help aside - these incredible apps to increase your productivity, reduce procrastination and help you beat the clock.


Essential emails have a habit of arriving at inconvenient times. Boomerang is a plugin for different types of mailing agents that lets you temporarily dismiss messages from your inbox, to reappear in a few hours or days when you’re better able to deal with them. You can also pause your inbox entirely, to suspend the torrent of interruptions while you’re busy, and schedule outgoing messages to be sent at the specified times. You get ten free uses a month; after that, monthly subscriptions start at $5.


Organising a business meeting or even an evening with a company of friends is no picnic. How to select a date and a place to meet that would be convenient for everyone? They all have own preferences and schedules, and you simply can’t adjust to everyone. But Doodle can! The idea of this app is to help you with the organizing process. Set up a list of possible dates and places, then send invitations via Doodle. Your invitees will be able to vote for a comfortable variant, and all together you’ll find a perfect alternative. With Doodle, you can as well create a poll about meeting details. For example, ask your guests about menu preferred: they can vote for gluten-free, vegan or lactose-free food for your dinner.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is your pocket scanner. If there is no time to scan all personal documentation in the office, then use this app right after you get an important paper. When you are handed a doctor’s receipt or a contract, make a snap with your smartphone camera. Genius Scan will turn a picture into a high-quality PDF-file. Perspective and colour correction are as well adjusted. Multi-page documents can be easily captured in a batch mode. Share your scans via Dropbox or Google Drive, if required.


This app helps you plan your day and divide it into productive and recreation blocks. In a basis of FocusList is the “Pomodoro Technique”, a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The app offers you to divide your work into changeable sessions: 25 minutes of action, then 5-minutes break. This little rest helps you be productive and fresh during your workday. At the end of the day, you can watch statistics and track your productivity.


As is clear from the name, Todoist is an app for making to-do-lists. It lets you set tasks and subtasks, give some of them priority labels, and also discuss events with friends and colleagues. You can set the tasks even offline, so you won’t be afraid of forgetting anything. All your functions can be complemented with different kinds of files. While using Todoist, you achieve karma. There are five levels of it depending on the users’ experience: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, Master and Guru.


Notion is an app that helps you put your inbox email in order. It considers your email history and learns which messages are essential for you. The latter will be highlighted for easy reference. Notion also allows you to listen to important letters and organize them through Amazon's smart speaker system. Notion supports Gmail, G Suite, Office 365 and IMAP email services.


Make a dashboard with cards for ideas, activities, tasks and anything you can only imagine. A descriptive board is better than hundreds of lists. You or anyone on your team can fill the cards and visually formalize the progress of your project. This is a convenient and merely entertaining way to succeed in routine work. Trello easily adapts to your project, team, and working process.


Evernote is the leading platform that helps increase productivity noticeably. Upload notes, images, audio and video snippets and organize them into cloud notebook which can be synced across different devices. Your selected content is always at hand. Up to 60 MB of data can be upload monthly in a free version of an app. Keep writing notes, save the ideas for later, copy web-pages. Get it all to Evernote, and you will never forget anything.


An effect of music on our brain is difficult to overestimate. It is proved, that using the right kind of sound, you can influence your brain activity. To relax or vice versa - to become more motivated, just select an appropriate soundscape. With the help of Noisli, it’s a piece of cake. In this app, you can make your sound combos. Mingle the noise of a rain with the wind gusts, for example. Create your perfect environment to improve focus and boost your productivity.


Meditation is a spiritual practice that helps people cope with emotions and become more flexible in mind. This practice also comes to help when you need to tune in for a productive day. Mindfulness app helps you become more productive and prevent distinctive thoughts from overwhelming you. Mindfulness sets up your meditation schedule that fits in with your day. Thus your productivity increases sky high.


Don’t waste your time remembering and searching for passwords! Keep them all in the 1Password app. Different sites - different passwords, and all of them are reliably saved and protected.

Productivity is a goal which we all have to wish for. And the first step on this way is getting rid of your procrastination. Now you know that there are a lot of assistants that can help in your noble mission. So select the most effective and go back to work!

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