TOP-5 Android Apps For Note-Taking in 2020

It could get hard to keep everything in mind! A million tasks at work, household doings, personal meetings... Human memory has not yet adapted to this pace of life. That is why very often, we resort to note-taking applications. Today we want to share our most favorite TOP-5 apps that won our hearts from the first days of use. Let’s start!

Evernote: Full of Handy Features

Evernote app screenshot

If we ask you to name the most popular note-taking app, what will come to your mind first? We will not be surprised if Evernote turns out to be this application. With millions of users from different parts of the world, this application becomes one of the most popular titles in this category. Evernote allows you to take notes, organize them as you wish, provides a convenient way to manage the created tasks, and archive them for later. 

Evernote is considered a free online service, but it offers two types of paid subscriptions: Premium and Business. Until 2018, there also was a Plus subscription. The main product that sells Evernote is storage size. For example, free users can only upload 60MB of data every month. Besides this, premium subscribers have access to more options and useful features. 

Google Keep: Keep All In One Place

Google Keep app

Google Keep is a great choice for people who like to use Google products and services. Why? Because it has a lot of integration options. Released in March 2013, today Google Keep is available for download on Android, iOS. Also, users can use the web version. By the way, the application has a very beautiful interface. All your notes are organized as blocks which size varies according to the length of the note. Also, you can change the color of the note or set up a night mode. 

Google Notes allows users to set reminders, add the collaborators, and upload different types of media files, including images and audio. Setting up the reminders feature allows you not only define the time when you want the app to send you the notification but also a location. For example, you completed a list of purchases. But when you go home from work, you can forget that you planned to go to the store. With Google Keep, you may not worry about it. After all, as soon as you go through the store, the application will remind you of your plans and offer a shopping list.

ColorNote: When The Beautiful Interface Matters

ColorNote app

If you like beautiful and clean interface, we recommend you to try ColorNote. Besides the basic functions, such as creating, editing, deleting, and organizing your notes, it has other interesting and nifty tools. Let’s look at them closely!

In ColorNote, you can create real color books that consist of the notes of the same color. As for me, I use different colors for different kinds of notes, such as personal, home or work. Already created a color book? So, here is one more exciting feature. With a special sticky note memo widget, you can put your notes on the home screen. ColorNote has several templates for notes, including to-do lists. 

TickTick: Your Powerful Task Manager

TickTick app screenshot

TickTick is not only about notes, but it is also a full task manager application. With TickTick, you can easily organize your day, add the planned meetings, to-buy lists, and other things you don’t want to forget. You can add the habits you want to build, the goals you want to achieve, and much more. Also, TickTick creates the reports for you. Here you can see your completion rate of the week, the best working day of the week, and other interesting metrics. 

The application has a clean and minimalistic interface that allows you to quickly figure out how TickTick works. Spend your time on goal achieving, not on the understanding of how the application works.

ClevNote: Write Memos Necessary Daily

ClevNote app screenshot

ClevNote is the last application which we would like to tell you about. Its main distinguishing feature is the presence of a large number of different types of templates for notes:

  • The template for bank accounts;
  • Checklists;
  • Birthday lists;
  • Site IDs;
  • General text memo, and so on. 

Users can make a cloud backup and restore the notes later from Google Drive. 

Share your secret of keeping all in mind!

We just shared our secrets on how to keep everything in mind, now it's your turn! What note-taking apps can you recommend? Share with us in the comments.

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