91 of the 100 Largest American Companies Use Microsoft Teams for Communication

Teams, the messaging platform by Microsoft, has become the number 1 workplace messaging app in 2019. Previously, this place belonged to Slack. How did this happen?

The statistics showed that the platform made significant growth just in one year. For example, in July, there were 13 million daily users, and by January Teams surpassed 20 million. The reason is obvious: 91 of the 100 largest US companies are using Microsoft’s messaging platform as the main source of communication between employees. Teams allows them not only to send text messages but also to make calls, share files, hold video conferences, and integrate the platform with other applications. 

In Microsoft, the developers understand that today people don’t want just a messaging platform, they are seeking a tool that will have a critical mass of various capabilities. It is what Microsoft is trying to make for them. 

What messaging platform do you use in your company? Are you satisfied with it? Have you tried Microsoft’s Teams before? If yes, how do you feel about it? Share your impressions in the comments below

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