Dell PCs Can Now Control iPhones

Dell's Mobile Connect app can now be used to mirror your iPhone's screen to your Dell PC. Version 3 of the iOS app allows you to navigate mobile devices with the keyboard and mouse, and there's an option to transfer files directly between the connected devices. However, that applies only to photos and videos – Apple still doesn't allow users to download music and documents.

The new version of the app also makes it possible to send SMS messages even with the app being in the background. These features finally make the iOS version of Dell's Mobile Connect almost as handy as the Android version that has supported them for a couple of years already. There's only one real difference between them – while iOS limits files transfers to photos and videos, Android allows you to send any files and folders, including music and documents.

The idea of controlling your phone from the interface of your PC doesn't belong to Dell, however. It has been implemented, more or less effectively, in a variety of apps, including Microsoft's own Your Phone app. This app is designed to connect your phone with devices running Windows 10, and there is no difference it between the actual hardware configurations.

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