How to Increase your Productivity with Nova Launcher

Nova is more than just a launcher. With the help of this app, your interaction with your device will become more comfortable. Thanks to its frequently increasing feature list, we can call Nova more than just a home screen replacement. It is an easy way to improve your productivity.

With the latest update of the app, the developer of the Nova Launcher - Telsa Coil introduced the new features in every Android update. 

These features have such meaningful benefits as: 

  • They make older devices get access to new tools that earlier was not available to them;
  • Opportunity to gain more control over your device.

Tip № 1. Provide Quickly Access to the Apps with Gestures

Gestures is a worthy substitute for the touches we are accustomed to. 

Customers can use special menu s that allow teleporting where you want! Set your own - invented gestures to open your favourite apps in a flash. 

Tip № 2. Access Google Now from Any Page

Google Now is the most estimable app among the constant users of Google services. It collects data, and your preferences to show you the information that you may like even before you start looking for it!

There is another useful feature that shows traffic situation to save your time during your journey. 

You can get access to Google Now from any page just enabling it. This way, you will save a plenty of precious time to be more productive. There is a simple step-by-step instruction to set up this option. 

  • Open Nova's settings menu and select "Integrations"; 
  • Tap "Edge Swipe" to enable this option, which will also grey out the "Google Now Page" option.

From this moment you can enjoy all the advantages of Google Now - just swipe from left edge to the right. 

Tip № 3. Use Tabs for Better Organizing Apps

Have you ever had a problem when you are geting many apps, the screen looks a little bit disorganised and like a rubbish can? If it happens, you may have a problem looking for the needed app too long. 

Besides creating folders and carrying out your apps on the main screen, Nova explored the new option that helps to get access to the app faster and more rational. 

  • In Nova's settings menu, select "App & widget drawers" ;
  • Choose "Drawer groups" located near the bottom of the list;
  • Within "Tabs", select the crossed square in the upper-right corner of your display.

With this feature, you can create sub-categories in the app drawer. Type the name, select the new entry in the list, and then you will see the list of all the apps on your device. 

You can move a copy of the app by filling the checkboxes and then your apps will be located in the new subcategories instead of the default folder. 

After pulling up the app driver, the new tab will be located near the Apps tab. Swipe right and you will see the new-added apps in the new category. 

To make the disorder lower in the future, in this new tab long-press any app and choose pencil icon in the sub-menu. 

To delete the app from the default drawer, uncheck the App’s box. 

Tip № 4. Declutter Your App Drawer by Hiding Apps

Another useful feature of the Nova is the possibility of hiding apps. You can remove annoying clutter and hide baffling apps. 

Hide Prime icon or Nova Launcher icon or even both of them in the app drawer, as Nova open the setting menu by long-pressing the home screen. 

The clearing up the space of your device is also the advantage of hiding apps. There are special bloatware apps, that can be set up by carriers and OEM, which are the system apps. To remove it you should use ADB commands. That is the only way to make device cleaner without root. 

Tip № 5. Use Google Drive for Cloud-Based Backup

If you want to change your phone, and you would like to save not only your data but both the settings of your home screen and layout, then you can find all this data information in the drive that Nova creates for you. 

However, it will work if you use the same device. And if you want to switch your smartphone, you should set up it to make the data save to Google Drive. 

Now you are aware of all these tips and tricks, and you know how Nova can make your smartphone surfing more comfortable without spending a lot of time in the app’s menu. With Nova, you can quickly find what you need!


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