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CCleaner review

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Julie Ellis

CCleaner review

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CCleaner proudly leads the lists of cleaners for two good reasons. First is that it’s completely free and second – it really works and can help you speed up your device.

Interface 5/5

Usually when it comes to hardware-related apps interface is not the strongest part. That’s not the case with CCleaner however. The UI is so simple that all main features can be found directly on the main screen. You don’t need to roam around many sections full of complicated data. Just press one button, and the app will analyze your device. The whole design is very colorful with modern icons and intuitive graphs.  

Content and Features 4/5

App effectively analyzes and cleans out all unnecessary “garbage” that slows down the smartphone. An especially helpful feature for devices with limited space. The app will also suggest you clean browser history, or call logs and messages if you think that they’re not needed. Another thing that takes a big slice of your memory pie is apps. Implemented app manager will help you sort your apps by size or name and quickly clean them out.

Usability 5/5

The process of analyzing and cleaning space is super simple as there’s a large “Analyze” button right on the main screen. Just tap it, and the app will do all the magic. That way you don’t need to spend many hours finding and cleaning out cached data and duplicates. In fact, all features in ССleaner are extremely easy to use. In-App Manager, for example, apps can be sorted out in one simple tap. Even though you’ll have to make an extra tap on every app, you want to uninstall, that’s still better than manually finding and deleting them.

Information about your system’s resources is conveniently present on your dashboard in form of charts and graphs. That way you can control your RAM, CPU usage, Internal space and battery. It can be quite handy if your device starts to freeze or lag and you need a prompt help. ССleaner is really simple to use even for unexperienced users, which are unfamiliar with complicated processes in their device.

Compatibility 3/5

CCleaner is not compatible with all main operating systems. It works perfectly on Android devices, no matter if it’s phone or tablet. On iOS, however, the app can’t run properly. This is due to some strict requirements that have been recently introduced by Apple. iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users have to find other alternatives in the app store, unfortunately. Developers assure that they work hard to remove those restrictions but until now situation hadn’t changed.

The Bottom Line

The decision whether you need CCleaner or not really depends on the type of user you are. If you don’t want to get into complicated processes that stand behind your phone lags, then the app will bring you fast and effective solutions. In case you’re a power user and understand that CCleaner can’t be a panacea from all problems, then you’ll have to find your own solutions. Nevertheless, the app does what it says and using it won’t do any harm.


  • Free trial available
  • Simple to use
  • Effectively speeds up device
  • Scheduled cleaning


  • Not available in iOS
  • Superficial cleaning

Interface 5

Content and features 4

Usability 5

Compatibility 3

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