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Drive and Park review

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Drive and Park review

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Drive and Park is a game in which you have to park cars while driving on the straight road. To do that you have to turn your car when you see the parking spot. But it is not that easy because your goal is to park your car without any accidents. If you crash into an automobile, you will draw the police attention, and the level will be lost. Drive and Park is available for download on iOS and Android devices. More than 10 millions of people have downloaded the game on iOS and Android platforms combined.

Gameplay 5/5

You will see the main menu right after you have started the game. To start playing, you have to tap on the TAP TO PLAY button. After that, you will see the short tutorial which will help you to understand the game mechanics. Your goal is to earn enough money to finish the level. You will earn money after every correct parking. If you crash into other cars, the level will be failed.

After every successful level, you will get a random car. Each car allows you to earn money after the correct parking. The amount of money depends on your car`s characteristics. All the information will be shown in your garage. You can upgrade your automobiles with the cash you have earned. After each upgrade, your automobile will get different skills. For example, you will be able to crash into cars without drawing the police attention or park in “Family” parking spots. Each skill is unique, and it is hard to say which one you will get.

To enter the garage, you have to tap the GARAGE button, which is located below TAP TO PLAY button. In the garage, you can manage your cars, upgrade them, and see the collection of your cars. The available number of cars for parking is 4. However, you can change your active cars by swapping them with autos in your collection.

Graphics 3/5

Graphics in Drive and Park are beautiful and simple at the same time. The game uses 3D graphics. All the cars are well detailed. While playing you will see a large number of different objects, such as traffic cones, flowerbeds, traffic lights, various building, etc. All the object looks nice. There is also the animation of accidents. Graphics in Drive and Park are usual for this type of games.

Replay Value 5/5

You can play Drive and Park as much as you wish. The game has many levels, and with each level, the game will become more difficult. You can also play this game to open new cars. Developers added a large number of cars to this game, each car looks unique and sounds different. Drive and Park is a perfect game in case you want to kill some time.

Controls 4/5

To park the car, you have to tap and hold your finger on the screen. The controls here are as easy as it is possible. Sometimes you can have issues with controlling your car. For example, the game can ignore your tap, or you can release the finger faster. In the last case, you are probably going to have an accident.


Drive and Park is an interesting time-killer in which you have to park cars. With each level, you will get new cars, which will surely make the game more interesting. Each car here looks unique. You can also upgrade cars and get random useful skills. The controls here are easy, but sometimes the app can ignore your taps. We recommend you to play Drive and Park in case you are bored or just want to kill some time.


  • Interesting game mechanics
  • Large number of cars
  • Large number of levels.


  • Graphics are usual for time-killing games
  • Some bugs while controlling the car.

Gameplay 5

Graphics 5

Replay Value 5

Controls 4

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