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Easy Urdu Keyboard review

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Amy Morton

Easy Urdu Keyboard review

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With the Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 app, you can type, post, and speak in Urdu without a hassle. Type in English and watch as words appear in Urdu. You can even use Urdu speech to create Urdu text or translate Urdu speech into English text. It is a simple to use a keyboard that can even be used as a regular English keyboard.

Interface 4/5

The Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 is remarkably simple and stunning to look at. It looks like a basic keyboard but is a powerful tool for all your Urdu typing needs. Your keyboard comes with multiple tabs for connecting to Facebook, sharing emails, customizing themes, keyboard settings, and more. You can even quickly switch on the Easy Urdu option to begin typing in Urdu. You can switch off this option to use the keyboard as a regular English keyboard. The return button can be tapped and held to access the emoji selection on the keyboard. You can use the keyboard to type in Urdu and in any app on your device or search for new apps in the store.

Features 4/5

Making typing in Urdu easy, the Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 delivers on practically all levels. It is a unique tool that ensures you get the best Urdu typing experience. Whether you like to use the Urdu option or the English option, the keyboard is brilliantly useful. The Urdu layout is optional and you can choose the English layout only as well. You also get suggestions for the next word in Urdu when typing which makes it quicker and easier. The keyboard requires relatively less internet and therefore works offline most of the time. The keyboard allows you to type in English and get results in Urdu instantly. The keyboard brings a wide range of dictionary words and options for making corrections. You even get a fun emoji keyboard with hundreds of emojis to choose from. The keyboard is absolutely free to use with options to remove ads through in-app purchases.

Usability 5/5

The Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 is user-friendly and feature filled. It is also very easy to use and allows you to type in Urdu or English seamlessly. The app is an overall hit among people who look to type in Urdu in apps, email, Facebook, message apps, and more. The basic keyboard layout encourages you to stay familiarised with your typing experience without losing out on the essentials. You can easily translate Urdu speech to English text or English speech to Urdu text with the help of this keyboard. Even using Urdu speech to get Urdu text is as easy as just giving the commands.

Compatibility 5/5

The Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 is the latest and most popular Urdu keyboard available online. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets and requires basic hardware specifications. The app is supported on all operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on computers or laptops. Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 is a must-have app for everyone looking to type or search in Urdu.

The Bottom Line

With most keyboard giving you the option of language preference, the Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 stands out for its unique inclusion of the Urdu language. It is a brilliant option for all those people looking to post, type, search, and more in the beautiful language of Urdu.

Interface 4

Content and features 4

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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