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ES File Explorer File Manager Review


Julie Ellis / 13 Feb 2018

ES File Explorer File Manager is an effective and handy tool that helps in managing all your important files. With full access to both local files as well as files on your external memory, this powerful tool automatically segregates your files and neatly arranges them as per their directory name or date. It helps in easy searching of any file you may need, without having to scroll through endless lists. 

Interface 4/5

The ES File Explorer File Manager is well crafted and designed with a sleek and modern user interface that is extremely professional. The app comes with a basic white background that gives it a classic clutter-free look, while the secondary colour is a pale blue. Backed up by a clear list of your files and folders that are easy to navigate through, the app does not require any extra skills to utilize.  The icons and folders are basic and simplified, however, this can be altered and the size and arrangement can be changed as per your liking. The app interface is similar to that of a computer and anyone who can utilize a computer with ease will find the app easy to use. 

Features 5/5

Whether it is image files, documents, audio files, PDF files and more, the ES File Explorer File Manager App automatically assigns each file into its various categories, making it easier for you to navigate to them and through them. Locate any file that you need within seconds, thanks to its simple design and layout. Loaded with a range of different handy features, the key features of the app includes an inbuilt file and folder manager that allows you to transfer files of any kind or format via the internet, manage them with the basic cut, copy and paste operations, view them through different players and zip and compress them if they are large in size. It also comes with a remote access feature that allows users to get access to their files from anywhere, as the app supports multiple storage platforms like Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex and more. It also offers backup of files present on both your SD card as well as internal system files. 

Usability 4/5

For those who have never utilized a file manager app before, the ES File Explorer File Manager App might be a bit difficult. However, with time, the app is not hard to utilize. Featuring multiple menus, drop downs and options to select from, the app might take up your time in browsing and navigating through it to learn and explore all its features. For those who require additional assistance, there is a special help option that you can find in the “Settings”. What makes the app even better is that it is available in an array of foreign languages, making it easy for people all over the world to utilize its great features. 

Compatibility 4/5

The ES File Explorer File Manager App is free to get and install on any Mobile or tablet but only compatible with Android devices. The app is free to get and comes with all its features in the free version itself. However, if you would like to utilize the app on your tablet or mobile, you must ensure your device has Android OS version 4.0 or above. 

The Bottom Line 

Considered as one of the best file managings and organizing apps available online, the ES File Explorer File Manager App enables multitasking in the least amount of time. With the app users can access their data neatly put together in different files and folders, zip files and RAR files and can also view their data on other devices. The app allows easy file management in one single app instead of geting multiple apps to get one task done. 


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