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Fitbit review

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Amy Morton

Fitbit review

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A powerful app that was designed to effectively gather data from activity trackers and even smart scales. You can set here personal goals, watch your progress and log the amount of calories consumed.

Interface 5/5

The interface is very user-friendly. Once you open an app and connect your Fitbit device, it automatically suggests you to watch the tutorial that will take you through its core features and how to use those. In case you’re unsure or forgot something, there’s always a guide available. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen, and you’ll see it. Other than that, the whole design is pretty simple and features beautiful pictures, charts and icons.   

Content and Features 5/5

The app provides some advanced instruments to keep you motivated and informed. You can use it to set daily goals and see trends after a while. It’s not even necessary to have a special tracker. Your phone would be just as good for recording basic stats like distance and calories. For sleep cycles recording, though, you’ll need a tracker. Every exercise and your health data are saved in form of convenient stats and graphs on a special activity calendar.

Usability 4/5

Compared to other devices, Fitbit provides the most accurate data about burned calories and measured distances based on its sensors and algorithms. The app will also constantly remind you that it’s time to work out by showing your goals. You can try to motivate yourself even more by sharing daily stats and achievements on social media. You can even try to challenge your friends or random strangers, which certainly allows both to reach goals faster.

The usability is on a very high level, since the app is easy to setup and it will immediately start showing fresh data about the heart rate, distances, sleep and many other important indicators. It goes even further by showing your fat zones and how they’re burning throughout the day. However, some problems may appear when the tracker’s battery is at medium or low values. It can result in problems with syncing and obtaining accurate data. Other than that, the app is very pleasant for daily use.

Compatibility 5/5

Fitbit is available with the majority of devices that correspond to the following requirements: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and higher. Therefore, it’s possible to receive all the important data on your smartphone as well as tablets. If you’re not sure whether your smartphone is compatible with this app or not, you can always check it on the developer’s website using the “check compatibility” service.

The Bottom Line

Staying fit and healthy is not that easy, and Fitbit app is here to help you out. It is a great fitness and calories tracker that can be efficiently used even if you have only your smartphone without any additional wristbands. Clean and simple interface assures that you will see only the most important data and regarding your pulse, steps, calories and sleep cycles. And to make you reach your goals, some great motivational factors were also implemented.




  • Intuitive interface
  • Motivating notifications
  • Track many activities simultaneously


  • Step data is not always logged correctly
  • Sync issues may appear

Interface 5

Content and features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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