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FrostWire - Torrent Downloader review

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Amy Morton

FrostWire - Torrent Downloader review

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FrostWire is a free torrent app that allows you to search for the needed file with the help of special installed system. You have to type your file name, and FrostWire will start searching for it through the most famous sites. You do not have to open browser because all the operations happen in the application. FrostWire is a popular torrent app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Interface 5/5

The interface in this app is simple. The background is white, and the top line is painted dark blue. For the new user, it will be pretty unusual to use this app because there are many different buttons and icon. However, they are all sorted, and the top line allows you to select various sections, so it will not be hard to use the application.

Content and Features 5/5

FrostWire has many useful features. For example, now you are able to preview multiple files before downloading them. While searching the file, you will see the information about how your folder with downloaded files will look like. You can also listen to different audio tracks and watch videos you are about to download.

In addition, now you are able to manage your bandwidth which will help you to control your Internet connection. All torrent files you are going to download are controlled by IPv6 reader and RSS reader.

After you searched for the file, you can manage the toolbar and remove the sites you don't want to see. After this operation, the app will search for the file once again, but from now you will not see the removed sites. There is also a special filter that allows you to remove some keywords while searching for the file.

The WIFI sharing function might be very useful in different cases. You can open the same file you downloaded on your smartphone, with the help of the computer. But FrostWire has to be installed on both devices.

Usability 4/5

FrostWire works well, and it surely performs its functions, but many people complain about different kind of issues. For example, some people cannot download music files. Others cannot download video files, because the error occurs after they download it. Some people also complain about the app turn on periodically without the knowledge of the user. However, this issues does not happen very often, which means developers regularly improve the app.

Compatibility 5/5

FrostWire is available for download on Ubuntu, Tarball, iOS, Android, Windows, and RPM. The version of the app remains the same on all the platforms. Developers regularly update the FrostWire on each of these platforms. If you use Android or iOS, you can easily download FrostWire from PlayMarket or AppleStore.


FrostWire is a free torrent app which has many useful features. You can search for files without opening a browser or manage the search system or preview video and audio files before downloading them. The interface in this app is simple, and it will not be hard to understand how the application works. We recommend you to download FrostWire because this app is one of the best torrent trackers.


  • Simple interface
  • You can preview files you want to download
  • You can filter the keywords while searching for the file.


  • Some people complain about different kind of issues
  • Glitches may occur while using.

Interface 5

Content and features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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