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Google Calendar review

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Amy Morton

Google Calendar review

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Google calendar is a time management application developed by Google. The application allows the users to add events and allows them to edit the events as well. Along with this, the integrated machine learning option allows the calendar to sync various reminders and events from Gmail and other linked applications and offer curated reminders on the designated days for your reminders.

Interface  4/5

The interface of the Google Calendar is simple and crisp. The application comes with a white background with blue accents. The events and reminders are highlighted as per the user’s choice. Every month has a designated style to the calendar, which adds beauty to it. Furthermore, the application allows the user view the events or the calendar according to the days, or according to the week or according to the month, whichever suits them.

Features 5/5

Google Calendar allows the user to find everything in one place. All your events, to-dos, goals and other reminders are synced and given to you in one application. Along with this, the application allows the user to edit their events and goals with the option of edit, which can be done with the icon of pencil on the top-right side of the screen. Along with this the automatic syncing of the application allows the user to use the application easily.

Furthermore, the application allows the user to easily switch between month, weeks and day views of the application. Adding Goals to the calendar offers the users easy scheduling for activities to do and allows the user to create easy reminders, as the application will create reminders for them automatically.

Usability 5/5

The application is one of the easiest applications to use. Google Calendar offers the features of a premium calendar app for free. The application is available for free and has no in-app purchases, which adds to the usability of the application. Apart from this, the application offers high usability as there are no complicated in-app manoeuvres. With straightforward use the application, the application offers the easy addition of events and activities and easy methods of deleting them.

Compatibility 5/5

Google Calendar is free of cost application and is available for Android Platforms as well as for iOS. Furthermore, there is a web version of the application which can be used on computers after logging into your Google account. Furthermore, the app can be geted if your computer is compatible with the application directly from the Google Play Store or the website.

The Bottom Line 

Google Calendar is a free to use application which can be geted from various application stores for your respective platforms. Furthermore, the application offers easy usability, clean UI and offers many features, which make this application a good choice for your requirements and smartphone.

Interface 4

Content and features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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