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Google Sheets review

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Amy Morton

Google Sheets review

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Free app by Google that makes the process of creating and editing sheets easier. Thanks to integration with Google Drive, it allows you to share documents and work on them in real-time with other users.

Interface 5/5

Google apps always had a great UI and Sheets are no exception. Just like other Google products it has a pleasant and appealing layout with pretty straightforward elements. 90% of the screen space is where all the content is being introduced, while the other 10% was devoted to a small toolbar at the top of the screen. It’s always possible to choose how you want to view your spreadsheets by switching between “List / Grid” options on the menu.

Content and Features 5/5

When describing Google Docs, it’s necessary to mention its older inspiration, Microsoft Excel. Google has managed to take its basic features and implement them into an online product, available from any device with internet connection. As time passes, Google keeps constantly updating the app and adds new features.

Google Sheets stores your revisions in its history and you can always bring up an older version of a document when you need it. That way you can be sure that your work won’t be lost if something happens with your device or connection. In case you collaborate with your co-worker or colleague on a document, then the app will notify you what changes have been made and will save revisions.  

All the data can be presented with colorful charts or graphs. To ease things, even more, there are hundreds of built-in formulas, pivot tables and different formatting options ready to be used. The best thing about these features is that they all are absolutely free.

Usability 5/5

Formatting cells and entering data is easy. In one tap you can insert any chart and apply changes. All documents can be edited online and shared over the internet. In case you don’t have a stable web connection, worksheets can be managed offline too. The collaboration options are well thought out and inviting others to work on a spreadsheet is simple. Just enter their name in the respective field, and the app will automatically send them an invitation through your contacts.

Compatibility 5/5

Google Sheets is an example of how things should be done when it comes to crossplatformity. Although Sheets were created by Google, which is also responsible for Android, app isn’t an Android exclusive. It works perfectly on iOS devices if their version is higher than 10.0. That way documents can be quickly accessed from any device, whether it’s a PC, smartphone or tablet. Extremely useful for big teams or companies where everyone prefers a different platform.

The Bottom Line

Google Sheets copes well with its tasks and provides a pretty straightforward environment to work with worksheets that can be stored in Google Drive or any other devices. The app is very useful for work and business since it allows your co-workers and partners to make edits on the go, even when they’re not in the office. Although you can’t make changes here as quickly as on a PC, it’s still possible to easily perform basic changes.


  • Clean and understandable UI
  • Easy spreadsheet creation
  • Collaborative options


  • Lags when opening large spreadsheets
  • To work correctly other, google products should be installed

Interface 5

Content and features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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