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GPS Fields Area Measure review

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Julie Ellis

GPS Fields Area Measure review

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Your search for a reliable field area measurement and distance tracking tool ends with GPS Fields Area Measure app. Install this productivity app developed by Studio Noframe, and use it for personal, professional, and utility purposes. The app is successful in measuring the area, perimeter, and distance accurately with the assistance of Google Maps. 

Interface – 4/5

The functioning of this app may sound technical, but it has been simplified by using a lucid interface. If you are a novice or a professional, you can operate the app without any difficulty. Integration of Google Maps is a crucial aspect and the developers have utilized the maps in the most efficient manner. You can access every location in GPS Fields Area Measure without any issue. 

Further, the clearly defined functions on the screen are easily accessible. You can just select the area by using pointers. In this case, the intuitiveness parameter comes into the fray. While demarcating the boundaries, you will witness sheer perfection. You can pinpoint exact locations without any scope of error. 

Features – 5/5

The basic functioning of GPS Fields Area Measure revolves around measuring the terrain. It can be a farmland, or it can take a trekking route, the measurements are crucial. If you are performing measurements on your farm, you can perform multiple measurements and save them in a designated group. Similarly, you can create multiple groups of measurements pertaining to a specific idea or the region. 

Talking about the measurements, you can incorporate multiple units of measurements. As the units differ from country to country, the developers have ensured to incorporate most of the units for extensive usage of GPS Fields Area Measure app. The Smart Marker Mode is capable of pinpointing the exact location on the map. Thus, if you want to share the location with your friends, you can intimate the exact avenue on GPS Fields Area Measure app. 

Usability – 5/5 

The usability of GPS Fields Area Measure app is unlimited. This app finds utility almost everywhere. If you are a contractor for whom measurement is an inevitable aspect, you should definitely install GPS Fields Area Measure. 

For farmers, it is crucial to fence the farmlands, allocate a working area to the contractual farmers, etc. Thus, GPS Fields Area Measure app is a must-have for a farm owner. And if you are planning to go on trekking or hiking in the wild, the app can assist you in tracking the terrain or sharing your exact location with your peers and well-wishers. 

Compatibility – 4/5

GPS Fields Area Measure app is compatible with all types of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. The only requirement is that these devices should be integrated with Android 4.1 and above. To enhance the usability of the app, it is available in more than 30 languages such as Hebrew, Serbian, Spanish, Korean, English, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, and others. 

The Bottom Line

Most of the professional contractors, farm owners, civil engineers, trekkers, mountain climbers, and others rely on GPS Fields Area Measure app. You can install this app to perform accurate region measurements by following a simple procedure. The app showcases advertisements and it offers in-app purchases for unlocking premium features. 

Interface 4

Content and features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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