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Mobizen Screen Recorder review

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Amy Morton

Mobizen Screen Recorder review

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Want to record the screen of your mobile device? Be it a game or a tutorial about an app, you can record everything with the help of this amazing and easy to use app Mobizen Screen Recorder. Now record, capture and edit instantly and seamlessly with this brilliant creation by the Mobizen team.

Interface 4/5

The interface of the Mobizen app is quite simple. Once installed, you get to see the icon of the app right on the home screen. You can tap on it to see the three basic options that the app has to offer. The first one is the video recording, the second one is the image capturing, and the third one is the settings. On tapping the last option, you get to see various settings on a separate interface. This setting window follows a light orange theme which is quite appealing. Above all, the welcome animation and the animated characters depict the jolliness of the app.

Features 5/5

There are tons of features that have been packed in the Mobizen app. First and the foremost feature of the app is screen recording. Note that it records the screen on the highest resolution, i.e. 1080P resolution. However, you can change this decision by going into the settings. 

Another great feature of the app is that it uses the face-cam to capture your reactions. So whether you are recording a game or an app tutorial, you can also share your expressions with other people. The app also records your sound while recording the screen. Once you have recorded the video, you can even edit it with the help of inbuilt editing options. You can trim the video, add music, attach an intro and outro to it and also share it on various networks. 

Whether you want to keep the default watermark or just remove it, you can do it with the help of the app. In fact, it also allows you to have a personalised watermark of your own. Other than recording your screen, the app also allows us to take screenshots.

Usability 4/5

There are many uses that are attached to the app. First, if you are a mobile device game vlogger, you can leverage this app to record all your mobile games along with your expressions and reactions. You can even use the Mobizen app to edit the recorded video without having to rely on any professional video editing software. In case, if you want to record a tutorial or explain a software problem that you are facing on your device to someone else visually, you can do the same with the help of this app. Lastly, the app can also be used to put a customised watermark on the recorded video or the screenshots.

Compatibility 4/5

You won't come across any bugs or glitches when you use the app on the devices that are powered by Android operating system 4.4 or up. Thus, if you have a smartphone that is powered by Android or a tablet that runs on it, you can use the app on it seamlessly and easily.

The Bottom Line

With the help of the Mobizen app, you can record your mobile device screen, take a screenshot, edit and share it on various online networks. You can even get or save the recorded video on your smart device.

Interface 4

Content and features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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