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myAT&T review

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myAT&T review

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AT&T is a telecommunications company considered to be the largest globally. It is the largest fixed line service provider in the USA and the second largest in providing mobile services. 

AT&T Inc., which started as an auxiliary to Alexander Graham Bell’s, Bell Telephone Company, has evolved into a media, technology and telecommunications giant today and is creating a brand name in mobile services, high-speed internet, next-gen T.V., IOT, etc.

It provides its mobile users with the latest technology and features. It includes better connectivity, faster internet, better access and more control.

Interface 4/5

AT&T prides itself in providing its users a friendly interface. It provides highly dynamic applications for B2B, B2C, and B2E use.

  • Provides users with a specialized experience;
  • Incorporates appropriate programs across multiple devices;
  • The application combines and delivers optimum content and solutions across devices virtually anywhere;
  • Provides updates using the latest technology, ensuring the best for the end user;
  • Prides itself on being able to provide a highly secure device and connectivity to its users.

Features 5/5

AT&T provides a high speed and secure mobile and internet service. It comes with some exciting features like:

  • Connecting people from anywhere;
  • Customized website allowing people to shop for devices, plans, and accessories based on personal requirements;
  • Online store offering the latest devices, accessories, and plans;
  • Exclusive online care for businesses and corporates to manage wireless accounts, bills and generate reports so that the organization can keep a control on the costs;
  • Another exclusive feature is the e-bill for businesses of all sizes. This feature allows company administrators to create and grant permissions within the organization so that they can monitor usage and charges;
  • It keeps a check on the mobile data usage. The users just need to open the app and check it on the overview screen or keep a visible widget on the main screen;
  • The app also provides the due payment dates and bill amounts, ensuring timely and easy payment of bills;
  • Easy upgrades are available for the mobile and plans; the customers have a choice of picking it at the store or opting for home delivery. Plan changes can be made using the app.

Usability 4/5

  • Users can enjoy improved indoor connectivity which provides better signals and uninterrupted data flow;
  • It allows users to opt for an open or closed mode. In the open mode, the users can use the Metro Cell Signal, and in the closed mode, they can create an approved user list;
  • A Distributed Antenna System boosts mobile coverage within larger spaces like hospitals, resorts, etc.

Compatibility 4/5

It works on all Android devices having 5.0 and above versions. Users interested in using the service need to invest in an upgraded Android device. The device selection is excellent, especially when it comes to the newer ones. It allows users to manage AT&T Wireless and U-verse accounts from their device. The newer version seems to be well liked by some, but some users seem to prefer the older version.

The Bottom Line

AT&T has always prided itself on providing the best services to its customers, and it still does. The application is user-friendly and packed with many latest, and updated features which are well-liked by all its users.

Interface 4

Content and features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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