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Screenshot : Screen Grabber Review


Amy Morton / 14 Feb 2018

Screenshot: Screen Grabber is a free to use Android application. Developed by JaredCo and categorized under the “productivity” section, the application allows the user to easily capture screenshots and store them for future reference. With this app capturing screenshots has become easy. The app is best suited for larger phones, which do not allow for easy screenshot manoeuvres.

Interface 4/5

The application’s interface is and is one of the most straightforward applications. Along with this, the app offers you or the user to capture the screen with the touch of one hand. All the user needs to do is to get the app from the online Google Play Store, and install the application. With that done, the user will only need to open the app, and an icon will appear on the screen through which the user can capture the screenshot easily.

Features 5/5

The application offers the impressive feature of capturing your screenshot with a simple tap, which is a risky task when you use bigger phones. Along with this, the application creates an on-screen icon which offers you a great usability function.

Another benefit of this application is that the user is allowed to send the captured screenshot to various other social media websites easily. After capturing the screenshot the user can use the gallery options to share the captured image or use the application to directly share the captured image to various platforms. And the best feature of the app, Screenshot: Screen Grabber, is that there will be no notifications of your taking a screenshot of the picture! The user can take screenshots of any conversation, image or text without letting the other person know about it.

Usability 4/5

The application is easy to use the app, which offers the user the option of taking a screenshot with the help of simple taps. With the addition to this, the application allows the user to share their captured images t various social media platforms, which makes the app an easy to use the app.

Compatibility 4/5

This application is free to use the app, which can be geted from the Google Play Store application of your Android smartphone by typing Screenshot: Screen Grabber in the search bar. The application is only suitable for Android use.

Bottom Line

This free to use application is one of the best apps one can use for screenshots. Along with great usability and ease-of-use, this app works fine for all kinds of Android smartphones and offers the user the benefit of not notifying others of their captured screenshots. Along with this, the on-screen icon for the app makes Screenshot: Screen Grabber a good application to have and use without bothering with pressing the various buttons.


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