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TeamViewer QuickSupport review

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Julie Ellis

TeamViewer QuickSupport review

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An innovative concept that stands behind TeamViewer QuickSupport allows you to quickly receive remote technical support as if your gadget was in someone else’s hands. Technicians can view main information, transfer files and even remotely control your device using this app.

Interface 5/5

The interface is made in modern flat style and has nothing that can overload the viewing field. You won’t find any complicated settings as the app’s main function is to establish connection between your device and technician. Right after opening the app you’ll see a tutorial of how it can be done. The whole process is very easy as you’ll just need to tell ID number to a person who helps you out. After that hit confirmation button and you’re connected.

Content and Features 5/5

Teamviewer’s features are pretty straightforward as the only function needed from it is to establish the connection between two devices. Although the fact that you can control one smartphone from another is already great by itself. That being said, your screen will be broadcasted to other devices. The technician will then be able to send you files, chat and control your phone in order to identify the problem and fix it.

Usability 5/5

TeamViewer QuickSupport comes very handy when there’s a situation when you require an expert help. In order to solve your issue, the technician will establish a connection with your device and his pc, tablet or phone. That way the expert can assist you even when he’s on the go. Service provides quick access to the phone’s system and allows to resolve the problem quickly. Sessions can even be recorded using the built-in function if you need to rewatch It later and see what has been done by the technician

The amount of possibilities which this service opens is tremendous. The expert can send you files that you can later install, or he can even run them by himself to analyze the problem. Your assistant can view important technical data and even cancel processes, which cause the system to lag and freeze. You can also not be afraid that someone will connect to your device without your permission, since the app uses reliable encryption techniques.

Compatibility 4/5

TeamViewer QuickSupport is available for the majority of devices. It can be successfully used on the Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 10.0 or higher. The remote control functions might not be available on all devices. You can still broadcast your screen on those, but the expert will have to use a pointer to show you where to tap. The good thing is that you don’t even need a PC to assist someone, since all main functions are available from the screen of your phone.

The Bottom Line

TeamViewer QuickSupport is a great and secure tool to get support when your phone is experiencing troubles. Just tell the expert your ID number from the app, and he will gain complete access to your system. The interface is simple and intuitive and assures that even inexperienced users will sort things out. Exclusive features like file transferring, recording and chat, enhance app’s potential even more, making it stand out among closest competitors.


  • Completely free
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote controls and file transfer
  • Live chat


  • Runs slowly on weak internet connections
  • Not all mobile devices can be controlled

Interface 5

Content and features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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