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Workday review

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Julie Ellis

Workday review

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This App is available exclusively for Workday customers. It provides secure access to cloud applications and allows you to keep track of all business transactions when you’re not at the office.

Interface 3/5

Dedicated to the concept of simplicity, Workday has a flat and pleasant design. You won’t find shadows here or any disruptions that will distract your attention or overload the working area. It’s obvious that developers tried to simplify navigation as much as they could, but it’s still not intuitive for unexperienced users. There are no hints that will guide you up, so it only depends on you whether you’ll sort things out or not.

Content and features 5/5

Workday can be compared with the automated HR department. It integrates all systems in a particular way that wouldn’t require manual reporting. Small and big companies can trust Workday to manage payroll, performance system, benefits enrollment and applications from potential workers. It also has several advanced modules like Time Entry and Goal Settings, which really ease cooperation inside the company. All of these features can be accessed from your phone whenever you’re on the go.

Usability 2/5

Workday has a lot of great features for its customers. In fact, there’s so many of them that a new user might get overwhelmed. The problem is that it’s not intuitive nor user-friendly, so you’ll have to play around before finding out how to do things (the same tasks can be done differently by the way). Basically, its structure is optimized around its core features, not the user experience. That accent leads to some very unpleasant and laborious moments, where you’ll have to wait a lot of time to perform simple tasks. Also, don’t expect to see here common patterns like Google’s type-ahead when searching for data.

Many functions can be simplified a lot by reducing the amount of pages that worker has to navigate through. The company had managed to create a solid service with unique features, but those need major and prompt upgrades to become more intuitive. For now, however, the app is very difficult to sign up and navigate on a daily basis.

Compatibility 4/5

Workday mobile app is available for different operating systems and devices. Currently, there are three versions, which can be downloaded: for Android, for iPhone and for iPad. For Android version 5.0 or higher is required, and iOS should be no older than 10.0. All these versions are completely free for Workday customers and are decently optimized for any screen resolution. Although not perfect, but for everyday use, mobile version of Workday is probably the best option.

The Bottom Line

Workday app is a very ambiguous project. On the one hand, you get great and exclusive features like HR management, pay roll, time entry and goal settings. No other service provides so many possibilities to coordinate work within a company. On the other hand, the interface of the app is so unfriendly and complicated that it’ almost impossible to efficiently use these features. The simplicity idea, that stands behind the Workday app somehow manages to annihilate itself here.


  • Amazing and very useful features
  • Modern design
  • Remote access to core features


  • Complicated and unfriendly interface
  • Bugs and glitches

Interface 3

Content and features 5

Usability 2

Compatibility 4

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