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XFINITY My Account review

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Amy Morton

XFINITY My Account review

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Xfinity My Account is a convenient app that allows to manage your Xfinity account wherever you’re at the moment. It provides fast access to your equipment and shows all the important data about Internet usage.

Interface 5/5

The Xfinity My Account app has a clean and pleasant layout that makes managing account much easier. It consists of white cards on grey background with beautiful narrow fonts. Graphics are modern, fancy and provide additional help for new users. All the app’s main features are neatly organized and can be accessed straight from the main page. The First impression that appears when you open Xfinity My Account is how beautifully crafted it is.

Content and features 4/5

The first main feature is that app allows accessing Xfinity account conveniently from anywhere around the globe. Here you can change your WiFi name or password, troubleshoot router or other Xfinity equipment, view bills and pay them. In your account, it’s possible to change personal data including email, password and phone number. You can also set and cancel any appointments as well as find out arrival time of your tech.

Usability 4/5

Simple UI and design make this app easy to navigate through, although problems and bugs with use still exist. You can access the Xfinity account through multiple ways, whether it’s a mobile phone, online or through the big screen. The most convenient way is probably by using a phone. That way you can pay your bills every month without hassle. You can manage your account anytime you want without having to call support to perform simple changes. If you, however, need the assistance and your problem can’t be resolved throughout standard UI, there’s a “call me back” feature to help you out. Just select time when you want to be called and the operator will contact you to resolve a problem. So, you can be sure that the phone call won’t distract you from work and you will get faster to your day. Therefore, if you’re an Xfinity user, then this app will surely ease things a bit and answer your questions.

Compatibility 4/5

Xfinity My Account is available both on iOS and Android devices. The app is decently optimized so it can be accessed from lower-resolution smartphone screens as well as tablets. For iOS, the required version should be not lower than 9.0. For Android, there are no strict requirements although the app might not be compatible with some models. The app is not available on a pc, but you can still access your cabinet online and through TV screens that support such function.

The Bottom Line

With its unique feature and clean design Xfinity, My Account is the ultimate app for managing your personal data. App not only allows you to change personal information, but also check equipment, troubleshoot it and pay bills. The app is widely used by Xfinity users as it’s the only way to rapidly gain access to your Wi-Fi settings from the mobile phone. Comcast did a great job to make the app compatible with many devices, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.


  • Clean and modern interface
  • Simple setup and navigation
  • Innovative troubleshooting


  • Minor bugs
  • Xfinity services are not available in all countries

Interface 5

Content and features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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